About Faculty

The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering was established in 1995 by admitting students in Electronics Engineering. Subsequently, other specializations in Electrical Engineering (Power, Control and Communications) as well as Computer Engineering programs (Software and Artificial Intelligence) were gradually added to the faculty. At present, over 35 faculty members with ranks of Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor along with a full set of undergraduate electrical engineering laboratories and graduate research labs at M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels are providing educational and research services.

Given the extensive penetration of electrical and computer engineering in all aspects of life, this faculty can address a wide range of industry needs in specialized human resource development and providing scientific and technical solutions to their problems. So far, the skilled graduates of this faculty at different levels have been able to meet the industrial needs of the country by creating knowledge-based companies and working in research and development sections of various factories. The diverse laboratories of this faculty have also played a significant role in flourishing students' technical talents.


Head of the Faculty

Dr. Abolfazl Halvaei

Tel: ( 98)31555913400
Email: Halvaei@kashanu.ac.ir
Website: http://Halvaei.kashanu.ac.ir

Deputy of Education

Dr. Sajjad Jahambakht

Tel: ( 98)3155913441
Email: jahanbakhat@Kashanu.ac.ir
Website: http://jahanbakhat.kashanu.ac.ir/

Deputy of Research

Dr. Hossein Karami Taheri

Tel: ( 98)3155913459
Email: Karamitaheri@Kashanu.ac.ir
Website: http://Karamitaheri.kashanu.ac.ir/